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Am I A Nymphomaniac or Do I Just Love Sex?

We have all heard of nymphomania, which is a sexual and mental disorder that manifests itself in an uncontrollable obsession with sex. While the condition is somewhat glamorized in current media as simply an ‘empowered’ woman with a voracious sexual appetite, nymphomania is in fact a psychological illness that can be linked to addiction.

Sex is a natural desire for most people, but if it turns into impulsive behavior, it can become a major problem and you may want to consider professional assistance. Sex addiction can have a negative impact on a person’s relationships and other aspects of their life.

Distinction Between Nymphomania and High Sexual Appetite.

Distinction Between Nymphomania and High Sexual Appetite.
Distinction Between Nymphomania and High Sexual Appetite.

It is essential not to confuse nymphomania with a high sexual appetite, because the first one is a rather complex disorder in which the person is not able to control their sometimes violent and insatiable sexual desires which eventually turns into a great dependence on sexual activities.

Nymphomania is a mental disorder marked by compulsive sexual behaviour in women, while satyriasis is used to describe this exact condition for men.

People having a compulsive sexual behavior (csb), compared to people with a high sexual appetite will find it more difficult to build relationships. Living with a sex addict may leave you to feel empty and mostly like a sex object, here only for them to fulfill their addiction. Another problem that most sex addicts may face is the difficulty of being faithful. In a relationship, there is a need for emotional as well as physical balance but being in a relationship with a nymphomaniac, tends to tilt more to the physical side and leaving the other partner feeling void.

Masturbation for someone who likes sex and nymphomania is different. Nymphomania brings compulsive masturbation and it differs from simple masturbation by its uncontrollable aspect. The frequency will give indications on the compulsive aspect. Masturbation addiction is often linked to porn addiction. People with a high sex drive tend to watch porn to arouse themselves, the normal frequency is 2 to 4 times per day while people with CSB tend to go over 10 times per day.

There are different kinds of sex addictions (and masturbation is among them), there is also voyeurism, pornography, prostitution, and so on…

What Is the Impact?

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Impact Of CSB

Social withdrawal is normally attached to sex addiction. As in cases of strong addiction, one will probably choose to go to locations that allow one to satisfy one’s sexual urges, or to graft this behavior with new technologies, or to resort to prostitution. It can also become the only hobby of the person and there it becomes painful because the individual feels that he/she can’t get out of the spiral.

Nymphomaniacs suffer a lot from this disorder, which is often related to guilt. People suffering from sexual disorders sometimes prefer to isolate themselves, reducing their social life to nothing.


There are treatments available to help people with CSB but to start the person must face the fact that he has a problem and does not repress this feeling. The goal is to chat in a neutral and helpful environment, to discover answers tailored to the individual’s unique difficulties, and to allow him to appreciate a non-sexual connection so that he can incorporate it into his own life. However, because people don’t talk about it or don’t recognize how terrible it is, this condition might be difficult to discover.

Cognitive and behavioral therapies and hypnosis are the most effective. Medication treatments such as antidepressants in case of depression and also because they inhibit the libido are sometimes used. A psychiatrist or psychologist is the best person to talk to about nymphomania.

Nymphomania is a disorder that is often stigmatized, that’s why people are afraid to talk about it. Often talked about in a funny way, only people living with the disorder know how it is difficult to constantly think about sex. Let us know in the comments what do you think about nymphomania…



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