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    Why Do Some People Have Anger Issues


    Anger is an entirely natural emotion, and it is usual to feel angry when you have experienced injustice. However, whether this injustice results in angry outbursts, comes down to how you deal with it. Anger becomes dangerous when it causes harm to you or others. While it’s important that anger doesn’t get bottled up, maintaining control over your anger is important as the consequences can be severe and can potentially lead to contact with the criminal justice system via the police. Being able to remain calm offers an opportunity for the negative impacts of anger to be reduced and not…

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    Personality Traits

    Self-Hatred And How To Combat It

    Do you often have the thought, “I hate myself”? If you are filled with feelings of self-hatred, you know how frustrating they can be. Not only does self-hatred limit what you can achieve in life, but it also worsens mental…

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    The Steps to Forgiving Yourself

    Seeking forgiveness from others for our actions is irresponsible: the challenge is to accept our mistakes and forgive ourselves. How many times have we heard the phrase “before forgiving others, we must forgive ourselves”? Probably a lot. But it is…

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    The Psychological Impact of Absentee Parents

    Families are all different and it’s not always possible for there to be two actively involved parents in a child’s life. There are many situational factors that prevent dual parenting in some families. Such circumstances often lead to diminished self-esteem…

  • Psychological Problems

    What Does a Psychologist Do?

    In general, a psychologist is a person in charge of analyzing the psychological state of an individual to take preventive or curative measures as needed. He or she can study human behavior, interpersonal relationships, and individual personality. To ensure successful…

  • Mental Health

    5 Tips To Find Inner Peace

    Inner peace is not “easy” to attain, but something that must be actively worked on! Are you always restless? Are you tired of being troubled in your head and your life? You cannot download inner peace in an instant. But…