• addict1
    Mental Health

    The Psychology of Addiction

    Physical addiction certainly accounts for much of the reason people continue using and abusing drugs, but there is also a strong psychological component to addiction. Just getting clean and sober may not address the actual psychology of addiction. Breaking psychological…

  • Personality Traits

    How To Deal With A Narcissistic Mother?

    Mothers with narcissistic personality disorder traits can negatively affect their children. For those who believe they were raised by a mother with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), a better understanding of their relationship, and narcissism in general, can lead to healing…

  • attraction1

    The Psychology of Sexual Attraction

    If men and women weren’t attracted to each other, none of us would be around, of course. Yet the problem of how different tastes in physical attraction emerge is surprisingly complex. Influences range from brain biology to fashions. If we…

  • MandelaEffect1

    Explaining the Mandela Effect

    Have you ever misquoted famous movie quotes or felt like masses of people believed that an event that actually did not happen? The Mandela Effect is a popular and heavily debated type of false memory. It refers to the situation…

  • Mental Hygiene
    Mental Health

    How Can Mental Hygiene Help Our Elders

    How Can Mental Hygiene Help Our Elders   Mental hygiene (or cerebral hygiene) is a term created in the 19th century to designate all the precautions and measures allowing a psychological balance. It prevents mental illness and helps the person…

  • soothing1
    Mental Health

    9 Effective Methods of Soothing Anxiety

    Anxiety is a set of symptoms and feelings that everyone experiences from time to time. The sense of tension, nervousness and apprehension is our body’s response to a perceived threat, and can occur in anything from arguing with loved ones…

  • voyeur1

    Inside The Mind of A Voyeur – What Makes Them Tick?

    Voyeuristic disorder is a paraphilic disorder. There are several such disorders, with paraphilic referring to sexual interests, preferences, fantasies, urges, and behaviours outside the norm. These are considered symptoms of a disorder only if they are acted upon in ways…