• Lib1

    How To Rediscover Your Libido

    A healthy libido is about more than desire. It’s about experiencing pleasure that’s essential to our minds, bodies and spirits. And in the face of stress, it often goes into hiding. Go to a movie or flip on the television…

  • kink1

    How Being Kinky Can Actually Help Mental Health

    The word kink has myriad associations — leather, spanking, corsets, whips, maybe even a ginger root. While its depictions in popular culture are abundant and eager, they are hardly ever accurate. Fifty Shades of Grey, for example, is perhaps the…

  • attraction1

    The Psychology of Sexual Attraction

    If men and women weren’t attracted to each other, none of us would be around, of course. Yet the problem of how different tastes in physical attraction emerge is surprisingly complex. Influences range from brain biology to fashions. If we…

  • voyeur1

    Inside The Mind of A Voyeur – What Makes Them Tick?

    Voyeuristic disorder is a paraphilic disorder. There are several such disorders, with paraphilic referring to sexual interests, preferences, fantasies, urges, and behaviours outside the norm. These are considered symptoms of a disorder only if they are acted upon in ways…

  • coming
    Sexuality,  Self-Love

    Top 3 Best Tips For Coming Out

    Coming out can be really scary. If you are a Gen Z like me, there is a 1 in 6 chance that you are queer. Homosexuality comes with many extraordinary experiences but also with many difficulties if you come from…

  • Sexuality

    Is Sexual Orientation Pre-Determined or Developed?

    If you’ve ever asked yourself the above question, you will probably receive one of two responses: Yes, people choose to be gay. They are making an immoral choice, which government should discourage. Or – no, sexual preference is biologically determined.…