Mood Swings Also Exist in Men: 5 Causes for These Fluctuations

When we think of mood swings, most of us usually associate them with women. This preconception is of course based on many hormonal factors related to the most ” fragile ” periods of a woman’s life, such as menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. One might think that men have it easier, and that their mood do not actually change that easily. But in reality, it’s only on the surface that things often seem different. It turns out that women and men are both prone to frequent mood swings and depression, but not for the same reasons.

Are you wondering what causes these mood swings in men? In this article, we will take a closer look at the triggers that contribute to moodiness in the male gender.

1. Emotional Exhaustion

First, these changes in their mood can often be caused by an emotional exhaustion. This phenomenon is generally associated with work-related disorders.

For example, when the boss is annoying, subordinates complain, the terms of contracts are broken for unexpected external reasons, customers are constantly dissatisfied with something, you can’t pass anything on to anyone… All this leads to an emotional burnout syndrome, in which we first see aggressiveness, then indifference towards everything and everyone around us at work.

2. Lack of Adequate Rest

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This condition can be attributed to both biological and psychological factors. On the one hand, physically a man can be tired for several reasons, work burnout, lack of organization, etc. On the other hand, there is no interest in life. Often the person does not have time for socializing or leisure activities, like fishing and hunting. All their time is swallowed up by work, and the family is left behind. At the same time, responsibilities and tensions increase. In these moments, men can feel intense frustration – dashed hopes and plans, dissatisfaction with their lives, which results in frequent mood swings.

3.Couple Issues

Women are, in most cases, the ones who complain to our best friends, “what a goat he is”, or cry on our man’s shoulder and move on. But for men, the problems in their personal lives can cause quite strong emotions, which he carries within himself without showing any sign of it and especially without talking about it.

Yet, there’s only so much that someone can take alone. And, at some point, there will be a moment of truth – an explosion, followed by either a complete break (leaving, divorce,…), or a demonstration of agreement to “shut up and move on”.

4.Living Conditions

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According to statistics, megapolis residents often suffer from bad temper rather than those from the province. Indeed, megacity residents are more prone to discomfort and psychological pressure from outside. Mass media, public transportation, traffic jams, crowds of people rushing somewhere, constant living under “time pressure”, the desire to conform to imposed ideals of success – all of these take their toll on health and mood.

5.Financial Crisis

A man who is committed to feeding his family is constantly concerned about this task. Of course, he wants his family to have enough money for everything, and he wants everyone in the family to be happy. But when things are not going that well financially, it can lead to constant sudden mood fluctuations.

The truth is, anything can cause mood swings in men and it really depends on everyone’s personality. Problems with the car, or with the motorcycle, trouble with a friend are all examples that can influence a sudden change in their mood. After all, we are all human and have our own faults and weaknesses. Even the strongest ones.

Do you know any other specific factor that can result in mood swings in men? Share it with us in the comments below!

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