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Unveiling the Evil Genius in You – 7 Signs You Are One and Do Not Know About It

Back in my childhood days, Scooby-Doo was my favorite cartoon. In their “Mystery Machine”, the four teenagers with their talking Great Dane would go around and solve mysteries involving supposedly supernatural and horrific monsters. But, in the end, behind these spooky monsters were ordinary people in costumes. And, just like the Scooby crew, you may find out that the supervillain character may lie in just anyone.

You don’t need to devise a foolproof plan to rule the world to be considered an evil genius. Nor do you need to be a pro in advanced calculus or program coding. Instead, there is no better criterion than our daily life habits to identify whether you are an evil genius or not.

#1. You Are a Professional at Telling Lies

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Are you a master at telling lies?

If your answer is yes, first of all, it’s quite sad and secondly, did you know that a talent is hiding behind those lies?

Recall a time when you surprise yourself by telling a lie so quickly that there was absolutely no place for even a hint of suspicion. Somewhere, this shows that you are very fluent and capable of welcoming and decoding new problems at a very fast pace.

And, remember what Skeletor told Werban when the latter accused him of lying: “It’s what all supervillains do once in a while.”

#2. You Defy and Deny Everyone

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Will you come to my birthday party? No!

Do you want to watch a movie together? No!

Will you please help me out? No, no and no!

If you find yourself constantly refusing, denying everyone and even thinking that people’s way of seeing things is just plain stupid, you might be refusing to get out of your comfort zone. And, as a supervillain doctor (cause I’m the master of all…Muahahahaha), you will most probably be diagnosed with evil genius.

#3. You Have a Perception of Authority

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Who do you think you are exactly? I’m the boss, dude!

Do you often find yourself wanting to be the leader wherever you go and in whatever you do? Do you feel the need to always owning things and not letting go of your hold on people close to you? And, to top it off, you are not ashamed or, should I say, bothered at all when people call you a narcissist?

#4. You Like Playing by Yourself

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Usually, you’ve got different types of kids – nerds, geeks, chatterbox, I-know-it-all, always-hungry and many more.

But, here I am referring to those kids who prefer to stay alone and play by themselves rather than mixing with a bunch of kids. These kids enjoy their privacy and their own intelligence and creativity much more than associating with others.

Did you belong to such a group of kids?

#5. You Draw on the Walls

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Too childish?

Well, it seems like many supervillains use graphic diagrams on walls to plan out the perfect crime. These visual aids help their minds to operate faster and in a more systematic way.

#6. You Play It Rough

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In a group of friends, there will be that one irritating person who will always try to win by hook or by crook. Snakes and Ladders, Ludo or even UNO, are just games you play for fun but they will still not accept failure and will use any unfair means to win.

#7. You Like to Terrorize Animals

Why Are Dogs So Scared of Fireworks? | Reader's Digest

This is what I call pure evil. If you are not much of an animal lover, that’s okay. But, if you have always been the kind to scare cats and dogs, run after small puppies and imprison birds and butterflies, this could be a sign. A sign that you don’t give a damn about these animals and instead take fun in doing what you do.

Now, are these the characteristics of an evil genius or just some old clichés to define evil? If you think about it, how can you define evil?

Something that goes against social norms? Deviant or criminal acts are all behaviors that are against society’s norms and regulations and that is why we find it easier to label these behaviors as evil. But is it possible to find the good side out of this evil side? Can deviating from the norms create heroes instead of evil geniuses?

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