Youth Suicide: A Raging Plague

Suicide is an intense and unbearable act caused by certain factors such as depression, violence, bullying, alcoholism, etc. Currently, most cases are among young people and adolescents, and many can not control them. But do you know why they choose to end their lives? Here are the causes and solutions to minimize the rate of youth suicide.

Causes of teen and youth suicide

Changes during puberty


During the age of puberty, young people’s bodies undergo inevitable gradual changes. These changes can set them apart from others and lead them to isolate themselves and distance themselves from their loved ones (friends, family, etc.), and lead to depression. Suicide occurs quickly if adolescents are deprived of communication, listening, and support.


This is one of the main causes of suicide for everyone, not only for young people. On the other hand, this phase of depression is sometimes confused with the teenage crisis, when the psychic instability causes the general disinterest in their lives.


Violence exists in two categories: indirect violence by the family and physical violence or sexual assault. Because of one of these facts, suicide among young people accelerates seriously because, sometimes, the parents’ bad behavior towards their children and the sexual aggression affects their thought. Indeed, these teenagers start to feel badly treated and easily decide to commit suicide.

Bullying and cyberbullying

Bullying or cyberbullying is more common in society, at school, or on social networks. In fact, there is a multitude of possible causes: racial difference, the physical difference due to poor training, celebrity, etc. Then, the young people concerned suffer a lot of isolation and depression because they don’t want to listen to these harassments and don’t trust others anymore. Therefore, these phenomena voluntarily lead them to suicide.

Separation from parents

From birth to adulthood, every person needs the love and presence of their parents. In case one of them is absent, the subject feels a lack of parental support and starts to escape. Indeed, he can fall into delinquency such as:

  • The consumption of toxic and hallucinogenic substances
  • Vagrancy with false friends
  • Dropping out of school
  • Burglary
  • Violence

Signals and ideal solutions for minimizing the rate of youth suicide

Why Am I A Cheater

You are right to be concerned if you see behavioral changes in your teens. To prevent suicide, watch for the following signals and follow the tips below.

1) Signs of suicide

  • Lack of interest in activities they used to enjoy;
  • Loneliness and isolation;
  • Neglect of personal hygiene
  • Deterioration in school performance
  • Change in eating habits
  • The absence of a smile

2) Solutions to avoid the suicide phase in adolescents

Behavioral changes and warning signs of suicide in your child are messages that need your attention. So take them seriously and make the first move with love and tenderness. To do this, ask questions, ask what they are missing, listen patiently and without judgment. Give your children the means to express their emotions freely, which will help them move away from their suicidal intentions. Organize seasonal outings to encourage family communication and to bring you closer together.

Sexuality and suicide

This is a heated topic; let’s make one thing clear, if you feel that you will be ostracized and disowned by your family when you come out, then don’t do it immediately. Only come out when you have a fixed roof under your head that is not your parents’ place. Unless you want to be like me, I came out to my parents when I turned 17, and the day after my birthday, my parents had packed my bags and told me they no longer had a son and that I was not welcome in their home. I was left on the street with 20 dollars in my name and nowhere to go. I’m very thankful to my best friend and their family, who took me in and let me stay with them until I finished high school. After that, I built myself up, and I still don’t have a relationship with my birth parents, but that’s what it is.


But going back to the plot, if your parents are open and you know they won’t throw you out when you come out, then talk to them about their sexuality, they might be the support system that you need, but that not all of us had the pleasure of having. They might help you with discovering your sexuality and gender identity. However, please don’t take my journey as the end all be all of all coming out stories; most families are very welcoming and accept their children for who they are. So, consider your situation before you come out; if you have conservative and homophobic parents, don’t come out when you are in high school because you might have to spend a night on a bench because you have nowhere to go and no phone to call anyone. Don’t make the dumb mistake that I made but also trust your parents if they seem open about the possibility of you being queer or trans.

Final thoughts

If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or suicidal thought, talk to someone because you matter and are beautiful and loved. If no one told you this, let me say this, you are beautiful, and you matter, and whatever you are struggling with, it gets better. Take it from someone who tried to end it all twice; it does get better even if everything seems terrible right now. If you feel suicidal or are queer and struggling with your sexuality, call the Trevor Project, and there will be someone who will talk to you. Call (866) 488 7386 if you are struggling and think about ending it all. If you feel under the weather and are struggling with your mental health, then talk to your parents about it; they will do their best to help you out with this predicament. Unless you have toxic comments, your parents will help you out during this challenging time of your life.

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