The Hidden Psychological Problems a Messy House Can Reveal About You
Psychological Problems

The Hidden Psychological Problems a Messy House Can Reveal About You

When it comes to cleaning, I’m what you might call a cleaning-phobe.

Many avoid saying they don’t like cleaning up. But I don’t. I don’t like torturing myself, cleaning and maintaining things that are repetitive, time-consuming and not fun at all.

When I hear people’s dream of living in a perfectly clean and tidy space, unfortunately, this sometimes leaves me scratching my head. I bet by now you must have some preconceived ideas about the state of my house.

But, what’s the connection between psychology and a messy home?

I mean, love or hate cleaning – isn’t it all just a personality quirk?

Hmm…psychological problems, that, for sure, is a little bit strange.

But, here you are reading this article.

Where’s All Your Junk? – Hidden in Drawers, Closets, and Boxes

Where’s All Your Junk? - Hidden in Drawers, Closets, and Boxes


The first case we’ll knowledge is those whose homes look perfectly clean at a glance: the floor is clean, no grease on the kitchen countertops, books arranged properly and the bed is made. But, the moment you opened a kitchen drawer or the bedroom’s closet, you’d find tons of kitchen spatulas mixed together with coffee filters, tea bags and crumpled clothes along with dirty socks.

You see, indirectly, it highlights people’s dramatic preference for looks. Unless they show the best sides of themselves and try their everything to impress others, they won’t be satisfied. Maybe it’s easier for them to hide away all the old and cluttered stuff rather than sorting them out.

Here, overall appearance matters more than cleanliness.

Why Do You Hate Renovation So Much?

Why Do You Hate Renovation So Much?


When you look at someone who spent a lot of years living in the same apartment and not bothering about that leaky tap or worn-out wallpaper, you’ll notice specific patterns of behavior. They’ll always keep their stuff in boxes and refuse to spend an extra dollar on buying or renovating things, giving the excuse of a new move or finding a new job.

The psychological notion behind treating a home as temporary points at how these people are more incline to believe and live in the future. Bearing the temporary discomfort, they are looking to embrace some future help that will drastically change their situation.

Why Is Your Bathroom Always Dirty?

Why Is Your Bathroom Always Dirty?


I agree. Cleaning the bathroom, especially the toilet and the bathroom sink trapped in hair and soap scum, is not really one of the most “enjoyable” housekeeping tasks.

But, since you need to use it often, no not often but more every day, and if you don’t want to put off your guests, your only choice would be to grab some toilet-cleaning supplies.

Plus, a bathroom that’s spic-and-span gives off a really good feeling and creates a good atmosphere.

But, what’s the psychology behind people who think that leaving the bathroom in its dirty state is more interesting than cleaning it up?

The answers you get from people who love cleaning is that these individuals are plain selfish or just too lazy to care about their environment.

Simply put…it’s not that the uncleanliness doesn’t drive them insane, but they are too stressed about other things taking place in their lives to take the time out to care about how their bathrooms look.

Why Are You Not Bothered About the Leftovers in the Kitchen?

Why Are You Not Bothered About the Leftovers in the Kitchen?


For many people, cleaning the kitchen is their top priority as it hosts the place where you eat and cook.

Sometimes, no matter how slobby you are, you’d get rid of all those greasy stains, tea stains and leftovers only for the sake of safety and good hygiene.

Unfortunately again, it seems like some people are unable to keep up with this cleaning job.

Wondering how much of this actually comes from your laziness?

But, hey, before you let yourself feel guilty or defeated, know that psychology says that this is a sign of depression.

No matter how many times you ask or force yourself to clean, you are somehow unable to because you lack that energy, which stems from your belief that you don’t deserve to live in a clean environment.

Have you been nodding your head at some of these concepts? Do you find yourself in them?

Well, if you, personally want to “challenge” that psychological problem, write us in the comment section below and we might give you a hand.

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