Are You An Alpha Woman
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Are You An Alpha Woman?

For some time, we have been hearing the term ALPHA FEMALE – ALPHA WOMAN, and many will wonder: what does this exactly mean? Countless will have a perhaps wrong and a bit sexist idea of ​​the subject. To get a better view of it, I’m breaking down the term a bit. In this article, I wanted to leave you the definition of what I understand by Alpha Woman after studying and investigating this term and women’s behavior today in various sources.


In the animal kingdom, the male or female who leads the herd is called alpha. It applies to any species and does not necessarily have to do with physical strength, but with vision, sense of orientation, or those attributes that are most useful for the survival of different groups of beings -thus, understanding alpha as the aptest to develop a function. Marian Salzman, a communications strategist, was the one who started this term for women who, in all areas, tend to be independent, successful, dominant, determined, hunters, active, feminine, and interested in their personal image. Women who take the initiative are dynamic, strategic, used to making difficult decisions in life. They are women who do not use detours when saying or doing things: they are direct, go to the heart, and are radical. These women are used to taking charge of everything that concerns their lives.

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These are women that we find more and more today, overturning the role assigned to each sex for decades -breaking in a good way the patriarchy and the authoritarian stereotype so marked in the past. This current, powerful woman, full of self-love, self-confidence, comprehensive, and fun, thanks to her work, on the one hand, and her dedication; on the other, she has managed to integrate the man into the home. It has sensitized him to assume a shared responsibility to care for children, home, family, partner, and personal care. It has involved a man who is increasingly capable of expressing what his heart perceives.


On the other hand, having achieved the female role’s empowerment has helped women become stronger as a person, helping to improve their living conditions. He has won an admirable space in groups, civil associations, political parties, business positions, scientific awards, etc. Increasingly, women advance in work, social and personal spheres, defend their rights, access benefits, train, and increase their education level. She is already an active part in the advancement in legislative matters. She has participated in and promoted different international agreements to transform the position of women in society, making her voice heard.


In my opinion, the alpha woman is a normal woman who really loves, values ​​, and accepts herself for who she is. She is a brave woman who knows what she wants from life, who has decided to express herself from her truth, with an infinite love for herself and her environment. If we dig a little deeper, we find that, in the cultural and evolutionary context of society, there are great examples of women such as Emma Godoy, the Mirabal sisters, Malala Yousafzai, María Sabina, Marie Curie, among others, who have been balancing the presence of both genders in history. So that men and women can finally grow together, be able to value each other, where both feel self-esteem and security in themselves, are intelligent, and thriving in the various areas of their lives. And that this happens naturally, feeding back over time, without the need to translate into a sexist violation or a threat to the insecurity or the egos of each one.

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We can conclude that this is the reality we live in today, where we have begun to feel the feminine power, balancing it harmoniously with the masculine power. This balance will lead humanity to a time of conciliation, mutual support, personal and collective growth. We are facing a necessary transition for the evolution of the human being that will lead us to live in a time where we can all participate equitably and harmonize with the environment. We can already say that we are building a more conscious and united world – finally recognizing that together we are more…TOGETHER we are BETTER.


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