Making a Good Impression: When, Where, and How?

Generally speaking, people are more concerned about their image, their reputation. We wonder what people will think of us if we do this or that or if we wear this or that outfit. We are afraid that others will point the finger at us and underestimate us. That’s why we will talk about the expression “making a good impression” in this article, answering the questions: when? where? and how?

The First Meeting and the First Day

The expression “to make a good impression” means to give a good image of oneself. It means making sure that you are seen in a positive light.

The first meeting can already be a decisive step for continuing a love story, a professional contract, etc. In this case, we make sure that the first impression we get from the person we are meeting is good. To do this, we dress better, speak with courtesy, and behave appropriately.

In addition, the first day at school, university, or work can also determine our daily social life. How will classmates and/or colleagues greet us?

Most people tend to evaluate someone based on how they look. In other words, the way one dresses, posture, and speech, especially in how one speaks or expresses oneself. Moreover, facial and body expressions are also to be considered when trying to make a good impression. Thus, you must smile, make eye contact without staring at the other person, avoid frowning, turn towards the speaking person, do not cross your arms to show that you are open, etc.

On a Daily Basis And/or on Occasion

The society we live in today is a society that emphasizes the group to which one belongs. In other words, a person’s value is perceived in relation to his or her status, property, neighborhood, name, etc.

On the other hand, we may also occasionally seek to make a good impression by attending an event such as a relative’s wedding, a reunion of old friends, or a family reunion. When we are particularly prone to being put down, we want to impress others in the future. We don’t want to feel inferior to them, or at least that they consider us equal to them. Some of us will get a new haircut and put on our best outfit; others will even rent a luxury car to give a better image of themselves.

In short, we seek to make a good impression in everyday life or occasionally for fear of not being (well) integrated.

Good to Know:

Making a good impression does not mean lying about your true identity. Indeed, sooner or later, the truth will come out. Therefore, the image you went to so much trouble to create will get dirty, and people around you may feel cheated. In this kind of case, you are really going to be left out.

Our advice is to keep the good gestures and/or behaviors you’ve adopted for the first day and make them a habit. Be open and smile. Reach out to others, make the first move.

Self-confidence is one of the best qualities you can have to make a good impression. Making a good impression can happen naturally with the right gestures, behaviors, and habits. To do this, you can turn to a personal development coach.

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