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Why Do Some People Find Themselves Ugly In Pictures

The face you see in a photo is not always the one you expect. You’re charming and good-looking, but when you see your face in the pictures, all your joy and enthusiasm go out the window. When you look at other people’s faces, they look more photogenic than yours. But don’t worry, everyone finds themselves in the same situation. Before you feel compelled to do another photo shoot, at least look at the reasons why you look uglier in photos than in real life.

Reasons why we find ourselves ugly in pictures


It can be a matter of habit, yes! We are used to seeing our pretty little truffle in a mirror that we confuse it with a mushroom truffle when we take a picture of ourselves. This habit will cause a preference for this inverted image of you than your real face. You don’t look the same as you usually do when you are in a photo.

For example, during a family reunion, a wedding, or any other event, the event photographer will not always take your best profile. Scientifically, this is called the single exposure effect. Furthermore, cameras do not show reality. To be clear, a camera’s pixel is not as beautiful as what we see with our eyes. Another reason for this perception is the frozen face effect.

In life, we are always in motion, and a photo is like a video of us that we have paused. We don’t always have a face to envy in this picture. The less photogenic we think we are, the more we are not. You may find this strange, but it is a reality. If you find yourself ugly in pictures, you will hate taking them.

You will feel uncomfortable during photo sessions; obviously, your face will not be pretty. On the other hand, social networks are also a great influence. As explained above about the simple exposure effect, the habit of seeing beautiful people on the networks introduces an appreciation of their faces, poses, and such. These are the ones we will call photogenic.

As a hobby, find satisfaction in your photo sessions in order to look more beautiful! Our feeling toward the photographer also counts. In fact, it is also a question of attitude. If the photographer makes us uncomfortable, we will have a defensive attitude and tend to make little faces in front of the lens.

Some tips to look good in photos


For those who often find themselves ugly in photos, these tips can help you. To start, let’s use the effect of simple exposure to your advantage. Take a photo of yourself where you think you look great and find out what you like. Using your own face as a reference is better than someone else’s. A tip that might help you, too, is to change your angle of approach.

Don’t put yourself totally in front of the lens. Show your best side, and you’ll see you’ll love your picture. The best way to get great pictures is also to be spontaneous. Try to be as natural as possible without worrying about your aesthetics. You’ll see for yourself that a photo of you laughing naturally is better than one where you have a forced smile.

Take pictures in bursts of movement. You don’t want to freeze yourself. In fact, taking lots of pictures is a good way to look pretty in them. There will be one or two that you will inevitably like. But the best way is to have confidence in yourself. Photogenic does not mean beautiful. Just think about it, and you’ll get it right. Don’t run away from the lenses anymore!

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